My 2nd Go Around with Jane Carter’s Curl Defining Cream

Hola!  Ok so as you can see I tried JC Curl Defining Cream again, I had to do a follow-up as I received quite a few emails when I reviewed it the first time.  I am sorry to say but this didn’t do it for me yet again.  I don’t know why,  I didn’t rush this time and I followed the suggested application procedure but still nada!  This is what I did:

-washed with Shea Moisture’s Curl and Shine Shampoo

-conditioned with Aussie Moist

-after rinsing I applied about a dime size of Moroccan Oil just to seal in a bit of moisture

-sprayed JC Revitalizing Leave-in Conditioner on my hair

-shingled JC Curl Defining Cream through in sections

-air dry

Now, once all of that was said and done and an hour or so passed I was left with soft hair but nothing out of the ordinary.  One good thing is that it didn’t have that sticky, film feeling that it did last time.  However, it didn’t necessarily elongate my curls  nor added any extra shine (all things that they claimed that this product could do).  We all know that everyone’s hair reacts differently to products, so if you are still interested give it a try.  I will just keep it in my hair closet and perhaps use it when I manage to master a twist-out once my hair gets a bit longer.  I hope that this helps, check out the pics below.  Enjoy!

freshly washed with product in my hair


air-dried hair




6 thoughts on “My 2nd Go Around with Jane Carter’s Curl Defining Cream

  1. I love JC Curl defining cream!!! I have been natural for 3 yrs and this is the only styler that leaves my curls defined, less frizzy and reduced volume. Also, leaves my hair very moisturized and soft….OMG!! I am so happy I have found my staple wash n go styler. I tried a zillion products….I usually co-wash, do an oil rinse then add a leave in (CJunkie Smoothing Lotion, Giovanni Direct or KCKT) while in the shower and then add JC Curl cream in sections and finish with some argan oi and let hair dry. I do towel dry with the curl cloths from after I add all the products. I can get up to 5 day hair with this (lightly spritz with water and a little JC curling cream every morning) even with working out daily!!!

    If anyone has JC curl cream they want to sell or trade, just let me know!!

    1. Hi! Great feedback! I will let you know about my JC curl cream as I tried it twice and just didn’t work well for me. I suppose to each as own as we naturals know everyone’s hair is different. Thanks for stopping by and come again :o)

  2. I too have used this product twice and followed the jar’s directions. I didn’t use all of the extras that you did. I followed Jane’s directions and my hair is a mess. It’s shiny but that’s all. I think that this product is only for certain hair types. This product does not work on tightly coiled hair. I normally use the Kinky curly products when I wear my hair curly and I thought this product would give me the same results but it did not. I am disappointed, but that is how it is you win some and you loose some. Back to my kinky curly, there is no substitute.

    1. Hi Paula! I so wanted to love the JC Curl Defining Cream as well but it just didn’t work with my hair. Thanks for the feedback and please come back for another visit to my site ;o)

  3. Thanks for the review on this product. I’ve been really considering giving this a go since its been out. Because it is a bit pricey, I want to read and or hear some reviews about this product before I purchase. I love her nourish & shine its a staple in my regimen. Thanks again for providing your thoughts with us on this product. Take care.


    1. Anytime, I will continue to do a bit more product reviews since I do get alot of feedback from them. Def give it a try, as for me it was ok. I will hold on to it and try to experiment with it later. This was my first time trying her products so we shall see if I test out others. Luckily I was able to score this and the leave-in condish for only $20 at a hair show so I didn’t necessarily break my bank ;o)

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