Kardashian Sisters—Just Right or Too Much?

Hola!  I just had to post this pic of KK (Kourtney and Kim).  This week they opened their first DASH NYC store and was exploring the city.  Here the pair are strolling along shopping, now I normally love their style but this pic threw me off a bit.  

Yes this week has been the coldest since the start of the Fall season but Kourtney just seems a bit overdressed to me.  I think that she could have done away with the fur hat and her ensemble would have been fine.  I LOVE Kim’s Louboutin’s but I would have liked to have seen her with atleast a nice scarf on or something around neck.  I don’t know those are just my thoughts.  So what do you think—just right or too much?



3 thoughts on “Kardashian Sisters—Just Right or Too Much?

  1. Kourt seems to be like me, I can’t deal with the NY cold air. I know I probably would have been dressed like that. Personally I’m not much on fur so I think Kourt’s outfit is a bit much. Love her boots though! Kim could have been dressed a little more warmer. Bare legs is a little much for the weather but maybe she is a little warm blooded. LOL

    1. I know what you mean about the cold weather up here but this week it was only in the 50s so that hat was a bit unnecessary. I still love the look but that hat/gloves should be put away until atleast late Dec/early Jan.

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